Firewise Program

Is your home Firewise?

Every year, hundreds to thousands of wildfires occur in each southern state. Conditions that increase wildfire risk, like drought and accumulation of fire fuels, are expected to intensify in years to come.

Property owners and communities most at risk to wildfire live in the boundary between natural areas, or wildlands, and human development. These areas are known as the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

Fortunately, WUI property owners and communities can take action to protect homes and buildings from wildfire by creating defensible space. Fire-resistant landscaping, or firescaping, is a landscape design that reduces the vulnerability of a home or building to wildfire. Firewise practices such as firescaping are most successful when entire neighborhoods and communities partner together to achieve defensible space.

Visit the links below to learn about Firewise practices and firescaping tips to help reduce wildfire risk. Contact our office for any questions.

Adam Hopkins Profile Page
Adam Hopkins
Extension Agent II & County Director, Sevier County
Responsible Area(s)
Agriculture and Natural Resources, Executive/Administrative, Community Economic Development
Webinar YouTube Channel
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Check here to learn how you can implement Firewise methods around your home!
Tree Flammability
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Follow this link for detailed information about spacing for tree planting and pruning.
NFPA Firewise USA
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Visit the National Fire Protection Association to learn how to become a Firewise community.

Wildfire Expo Presentations
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Visit this link to view speakers and demos from the Wildfire Community Preparedness Expo.
TN Invasive Plant Council
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Stay up to date on methods to identify and control invasive plant species.
Smoky Mountain Roots
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Local nonprofit whose mission is to preserve native plants in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Burn Safe TN
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Click here for current information about Burn Permits and safe debris burning.
Sevier County EMA Facebook
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Follow the EMA Facebook for updates on Burn Permits and county emergency alerts.
Upcoming Events
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Check out what's happening with the Firewise Program in Sevier County!
TN Division of Forestry
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Get information for all aspects of wildfire- suppression, prevention and prescribing fire.
Tennessee Smart Yards
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Learn how to create an environmentally balanced Tennessee Smart Yard.

UT Extension Sevier County Firewise Program made possible through a grant from USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture